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Music reflects the instinctive and agricultural soul of the Pétaouchnockiens. It often sounds like nature, the sound of a waterfall, stones rolling under the waves, mountains shifting, butterfly flight, creaking of the house wheels or even the caw of the rooks.

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Theatre in Petaouchnock is at the same time educational and entertaining. The plays seek to present the most recent breakthroughs in science and give psychological insights to the audiences.

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The architecture in Petaouchnock reflects both the fantasy and imagination of the Petaouchnockiens and at the same time their    pragmatic approach in coming to terms with the climatic and wordly    conditions.

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Art is intimately linked to all moments of life in Petaouchnock. Petaouchnockiens will take great care to compose their meals with attention to detail and with not only a variety    of flavours and colours but also rich in symbolism. For them everything is art – their house,    their favourite dish, their clothes, nature around them.

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