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Music reflects the instinctive and agricultural soul of the Pétaouchnockiens. It often sounds like nature, the sound of a waterfall, stones rolling under the waves, mountains shifting, butterfly flight, creaking of the house wheels or even the caw of the rooks.

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The first instruments were made of stone or even of dried beetroot which was drilled with holes like for a flute. Today music has become more sophisticated; the country has opened itself to other influences but likes anyhow to add its own melody (sometimes in a subliminal manner) to  foreign music sheets and the sound of the rolling stones under the waves has become an inescapable permanent background-sound.

The guest orchestras which come to the various festivals of Pétaouchnock (beetroot feast, pan throwing day, dance marathon, etc.) are aware that they have to pay tribute to a nation who wants to hear a part of their own soul in a foreign music.

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