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Painting and Graphic Arts

Art is intimately linked to all moments of life in Petaouchnock. Petaouchnockiens will take great care to compose their meals with attention to detail and with not only a variety    of flavours and colours but also rich in symbolism. For them everything is art – their house,    their favourite dish, their clothes, nature around them.

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There is however a museum which brings together a wonderful collection of paintings and the main artist – penta laudifle, a title similar to the idea of the poet laureate in the UK – is Madame Ouchnock. However as she herself said in a recent radio interview: “my hand is guided by the Petaouchnockien soul”.

At the Great National Musuem of Petaouchnock you will also find sculptures dating back to more ancients times, made from stone, wood, woven grasses, bark from birch trees or dried beetroot.

Petaouchnockiens have no pre-conceived ideas and, contrary to appearances, are not as conservative as you might think. Conceptual, culinary, literary or digital art – and even the art of knitting or beard arranging are all at home in this museum.

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