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Theatre in Petaouchnock is at the same time educational and entertaining. The plays seek to present the most recent breakthroughs in science and give psychological insights to the audiences.

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Yes, the goal is educational, but why not? In Petaouchnock everything is possible in the theatre - fantasy, laughter, psycholical revolution.  Teachers realise that it can be an extremely important tool - a subtle way of developing their students education and opening  their horizons. Let’s take as an example a play which was staged last year by the Great Theatre of Petaouchnock  (GToP) and which was booked out. The play was called the “Le Mollet Imaginaire” and wasn’t acted in Petaouchnockois  which  allowed the audience to  use their own imagination. The play was written and produced by the doctors Petra Molletcools and Ouchnock Molecules.

The text for this memorable play is available on request (see contact page).

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