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The history of Petaouchnock could be described as a series of appearances and disappearances    as it is a country which has created itself, it is sensitive to cerebral variations.

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In its history you can find a great number of trivial tales, trials and tribulations, some which sound like the ramblings of a warrior who has drunk too much beetroot juice and others like the  hallucinations of a doctor experimenting with his own drugs.

Clearly a very complex subject which the historian Petra has been researching.  She undertooks her own hallucinatory journey which  allowed her to immerse herself into the historical psyche of the country and  her forth-coming  book is awaited with great interest.

For a brief overview of the subject and a glimpse into the psyche see the book “A Boisterous Mind” in The Great Library and the origins of pot-throwing in the sports section.

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