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A delightfully refreshing combination of blackcurrant sorbet served with fromage frais and topped with the “mrtis”, adding a touch of fun to this sophisticated sundae!

The contrast in colours of this simple but delicious dessert symbolises the change in season from autumn to winter - the fromage frais representing the snow and the sorbet the frozen ground underneath. The mrtis represent the twinkling stars visible on clear wintry nights.


  • Firstly mix together fromage frais and with some berries – brambles or blueberries work well – and sugar to taste.

  • Place a scoop of blackcurrant sorbet in a glass.

  • Then cover with fromage frais.

  • Finally sprinkle on a few “mrtis” – these are small crunchy chocolatey bright-coloured sweets and in their absence something like M&S could be used.

  • Serve immediately.

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