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A Boisterous Mind

by Sophia Boldoni

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“A Boisterous Mind” is an historical portrait of a non-warrior.

Yvanov Pernesky has been a revered figure in the history of Pétaouchnock since the famous battle of Stonepoint where he managed to repel invaders from another country who had began to claim ownership of some territory of Pétaouchnock. His method was inspired by the songs of the bards; he threw words in the face of his enemies in a thundering whirl which left them gasping for breath and asking for more.

Without spilling blood and only with the power of words he succeeded in keeping his country at peace for years. No wonder he is the patron saint of diplomats (even if his spirit has been considerably toned down nowadays).

Sophia Boldoni recounts Pernesky’s story with awe and precision, she writes beautifully in a poetic style as if she was paying homage to a man for whom Words were everything.

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