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by Assia Hofcup

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You are in the section: Landscape after the Apocalypse / The Immune System / Great Scientific Enigmas

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This text was written hundreds years ago in an unknown language and with magical and invisible ink. The reappearance of the text during October each year has become a sacred event accompanied by ceremonies but more particularly collective sessions of public confessions and acts of purification.

No scientific explanation has been found to shed light on this incomprehensible phenomenon which might at first sight seem pointless and which remains to be explained.

Who was Assia Hofcup? Why did she write this book? What kind of civilization was she the witness of? What did she want to show and hide at the same time?

These questions have been left unanswered so far and this is why your hypotheses and possible testimonies on the origins of this mysterious text are welcome; please send them to and they will be directed to specialists.

But everybody has the right to remain silent.
Mais tout le monde a le droit de garder le silence.

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