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How to Cure Hallucinations

by Doctors Pétra M. and Ouchnock M.

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From distinctly different perspectives these two renowned doctors - both graduates from the Pétaouchnock School of Medicine - bring together their knowledge and talents to try to shed light on the complex causes of hallucination. Clearly these are doctors of literature as well as medicine and the innovative approach they adopt in their therapy is quite unique. They advocate the poetry of Baudelaire and Molière in conjunction with aerobic exercise accompanied by the dietary supplement of chocolate or on occasion frozen fish. In addition they recommend the more unconventional exercise of throwing pans (!!!). The results are astounding...

Hallucination can be interpreted in different ways. However, while it can help in the journey of self-discovery and can lead some artists to the pinnacle of their creativity, when events spiral uncontrollably downwards and drag the protagonist, trance-like, into the depths of despair, the effects can be overwhelming.

The cases cited are at the same time mesmerising and disturbing and serve as a timely reminder as to just how delicate and fragile the balance between the real and the imaginary in our lives is and how this equilibrium can so easily be toppled. Their wealth of medical experience tempered by an immensely human quality provides us with a unique insight into the unfathomable world of hallucinations. This book comes highly recommended and is already on the reading list for The Pétaouchnock School of Medicine and particularly relevant for anyone with a specific interest in psychotherapy. However whilst it is an academic text and as such extremely informative, it could never be described as dry.

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