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Les aventures de monsieur Gruyère

by Sylvia Flex

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Book I: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sir Cheddar
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This book is a children’s literature classic. It has been reprinted several times and is still very popular amongst children.

Monsieur Gruyère speaks several languages and is always the hero of an adventure involving another cheese …

Who will ever forget “Lady Mozzarella’s Midnight Dance” or “Mister Camembert Eludes the Police”, or even “The Case of Haggis Stilton”?.

Of course Sylvia Flex was writing in a time where trademarks were not so tyrannical. Were she to write now, she would probably be involved in the Swiss-French judicial battle about the right to use the word Gruyère and experts would write her disapproving letters about the fact that, no, a Gruyère has no holes!!!!


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