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On the Edge of Geography

by the Collective of    Pétaouchnock Philosophers (CPP)

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This book, an essential read for a full understanding of the territory, takes an inventory of the typography of the country and also of the symbolism of its landscape. It speaks of classical geography and also of a spiritual one which is essential to understand the Petaouchnockien soul.

Benefitting from two magnificent coastlines : the more rugged jagged Norderste Kūstlige with it breath-taking cliffs and plethora of wildlife and the more gentle, softer Sūderste Kūstlige with its spectacular sandy beaches affording glimpses of seals, porpoises and sometimes selkies! (Seals that can remove their skins and become human - but only once every seven years- and in their human form they are supposed to be particularly beautiful and attractive.) According to some sources the name of the country is derived from the root of the word peta meaning five and ouchnock meaning a small piece of land. Hence the five sides of the country are made up of the two coasts and the three edges of the countries with which it shares a border (see map).

The density is low and the climate sometimes tough but the weather digressions (the last one going back to 1710) have allowed vineyards to grow in the province of Gravincia, which produces, or has produced, excellent white wine (the "Chaburg gravincia immaculata") and red (the "Chaburg gravincia rotfle").

This is one of the multiple pieces of information that you will find in this book which is not only a practical geography book but also opens the doors to the understanding of everyday life and of the petaouchnockien soul.

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