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Portrait of the Ubiquitous Man, Sleeping

by Fanny Abylon

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“Portrait of the Ubiquitous Man, Sleeping” could find its place between the science-fiction and the adventures shelves, but it is also part of the rites of passage literature. The action takes place in a lot of places (what else  would you expect from aubiquitous man?). The hero, named Wolf, was born capable of absorbing all the information our society provides. Consequently he has the fantasy of “absolute knowledge”.

His characteristic is not only his gift of ubiquity but also his power to incorporate in a sophisticated way of digestive labour all the knowledge into his own body. So when you ARE all the knowledge of the world, a kind of living bank of information, how can you sleep?

Wolf has lost sleep and the book tells the story of a journey back to rediscovering one’s own private space.

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