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Saturne KO!

by HA!

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The society for the opponents of Saturne, the HA!, (the Howling Anonymous!) was created last winter to fight against the tyranny imposed by this planet on people crossed by this astral sign.

Fearing reprisals this group has had to work underground to organise an astronomic putsch which would question a whole area of astrology and the definition of fatality.

If you too have been a victim of Saturn please join them; send your application to www. pé and you will immediately be put in contact with one of their members.

Through this book the “HA!” wanted to express their revolt and, with the support of many witnesses, demonstrate that it was time to rebel against an authority which has destroyed, and continues to destroy, the lives of innocent victims.

This book is a political manifesto as well as being an account of what is happening today.. It’s a black book which won’t be to everyone’s taste but a book which needed to be written.

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