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The Avid Reader

by    Edith Poliakoff

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What must it be like to swallow everything, “hook, line and sinker”? The Avid Reader draws us into the secret universe of  Jasper who is a voracious and clandestine reader.  In the secret of his own room he digests and mulls over countless books. He not only  implicitly believes what he has read  but also occasionally feels impelled to act upon  some piece of  information. The results are at times hilarious and at others disastrous and tragic but whatever the outcome you are compelled to read on and discover where the hero’s latest readings take him...

Religious fanaticism, mountaineering, shrimping and stamp collecting are some of the many subjects which fascinate, absorb and sometimes overtake Jasper.  His adventures take him to the most unlikely places- from the Steppes of Russia, the peaks of Pétouchnock to deserts of the  Great Rift Valley...

If you have never yet read a book by Edith Poliakoff then you are in for a rare  treat. One of the few authors of our generation who can simultaneously  inform, entertain and create a story which makes you question your perception of reality.

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