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The Behaviour of the Domestic Wolf

by Hypathia Syrene

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This book comes as a surprise from Hypathia Syrene, who is more renowned for her books on psychoanalysis.

“Sometimes when you are acknowledged for your talents” argues Hypathia, “you just want to escape and do something weird or not connected to what you are famous for. This kind of aspiration sometimes happens to artists; suddenly a figurative painter will produce abstract paintings or a watercolorist will create a monumental sculpture made with a chainsaw!!! It’s called ‘the aspirational-otherness’ a common syndrome felt when you are at the height of your fame  and feel a need to escape the destiny which has been mapped out for you”.

So read this exciting book and meet the animal that fascinates our greatest psychoanalyst and in spite of what the author says, you will realise that writing about wolves is not so different from writing about the human psyche…

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