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The Grass Library

by Judith van Epok

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“When I was a child I used to collect new words and I would write them on the walls of my bedroom…”

So recounts Inge in the first part of this intriguing book from the collection “the reader-learner”. This collection aims to give the reader information about a topic - cooking, craft, painting method, car maintenance or, as in this case, gardening  through a novel.

Inge is a very brainy and smart linguist who had always lived in an intellectual world and had always thought that there was no life beyond that. Then one day she receives a strange letter from a man called Andrew Q. a professional gardener who claims he has made an incredible discovery: the grass has the ability to record the sounds of spoken words and so all the significant and insignificant words from the past are there, ready to be read or heard if only we would take the trouble to try…

Of course the plot here seems a mere means to share with the reader a vast and wonderful knowledge about the vegetal world. With plenty of colour illustrations and tips, this book is a great and poetic way to learn how to keep a garden beautiful…and how to listen to nature.

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