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The Sun Always Shines on Aberdeen 2

by Pétra Macavity

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Part II: A Burning Ear
You are in the section: Crime / and Punishments

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After the huge success of “The Sun Always Shines on Aberdeen” it’s nice to meet up again with Sybille the English teacher from Aberdeen College who is back in the world of investigation.
In this book Sybille discovers that the threat hanging over Aberdeen College is still topical; the fire has not been completely put out. The other bad news is that her ears which seem to have become her private sign of danger are very VERY painful. They are at the same time buzzing with information and aching as hell and what was a gift has become a torture and Sybille’s health is dramatically threatened.

If you enjoyed the first adventures of Sybille you will love this sequel. Sybille is still the same - clever, energetic and funny.  Again thanks to her you will discover a lot of weird things about Aberdeen and Scotland and above all you will learn everything about the anatomy of the ear and the similarity of the inside ear and the underground cave system of the Scottish east-coast  which will make you laugh and wonder…

It’s the latest book of Sybille’s adventures.  Pétra Macavity has a lot of strings to her bow and she now has decided to write medical books. This is one of her many passions - others include playwriting, fishing,  hill-walking,  experimental travel, creative cookery, psychoanalysis, gardening, etc.) .

(Check the medicine section of the library for the book “How to Cure Hallucinations” which she wrote under another name.)

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