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Daily life

Meet the Petaouchnockiens

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A charming nation keen to welcome the tourist with the traditional greeting of “Chouchté” which is said at the same time as making a gesture by holding both hands to one side and then the other.

This gesture is also performed at the beginning of traditional dances. Pétaouchnockiens are a fun-loving folk who love poetry, dance and storytelling. At the same time they are very sensitive souls and can be shy when interacting with strangers.

Their clothes reflect their spontaneity and sense of fun and are also very imaginative and colorful. Although they may sometimes appear to the outsider as incongruous and strange and they are rich in symbolism. Materials used are made of natural fibres and dyed with natural products (like beetroot, spinach, mud, heather, apricot, grass, etc.

The language in Petaouchnock

We would like to underline that the spelling of Pétaouchnock is the one and only one spelling acceptable, it has been approved by the higher authority of the country and other ways to write it (Pétaouchnok for example) would only be a forgery. Pétaouchnockois like other Indo-European languages ultimately comes from Sanskrit. However its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has not only elements of Russian (and other Slavonic languages) but also elements of romance and Latin languages.

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Whilst the origins of traditional Pétaouchnockien sports and games are primitive and deeply rooted in the agricultural past of the country,    even nowadays they continue to have widespread popularity.

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You may well be offered the traditional aperitif Shugo de Rogische Beet (freshly brewed beetroot juice) by your host

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