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Some words and sentences to remember.

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Some words to remember

Chouchté: Used for greetings, "Hello"

Chicri: Thank you

Yahé: Yes

Chnoup: No

Schniste gude !: Good night! (sleep well!)

Hypatia: Clever, witty, creative

Strompfluflu !!!: ?%µ*¤#§ !!! (swearword said whilst banging table or stamping)

Some sentences to remember

Pernespick nosotros mal denie !: May we always be friends!

Pernestuck congelna tundra !: May you never be stuck frozen! (used for toasts)

Pernestuck rulna mal !: Have a good trip!

Perne pinturas ne congelnan, immerenente frintiempe!: May your paintings never freeze and remain spring-like! (meaning: Continue to flourish, develop and be inspired!). Used to greet artists.

Serne partos postiwigie: To be beside one's wig (meaning losing one's head)

Quad maudicuss rulna, trapick multi corvibos belinda.: When a curse is cast you need a lot of crows to catch it.

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