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What does this name convey to you?

    “Snow-covered Russian steppes and husky-drawn sleds
    With ladies in fur-trimmed muffs, fur hats covering their heads?

    Or desert oases, exotic Bedouin tents s with belly dancing girls
    Enticing, entrancing performing twirls and swirls?

    Or teetering on the edge of geography
    In a foreign, distant exotic topography?”

Pétaouchnock is known under different names depending on which country you live in: ‘The Back of Beyond’ or 'The middle of nowhere' in Great-Britain, ‘The Edge of Geography’ in Russia, ‘E de Aldeia’ or ‘Do meio da monte’ (In the middle of the mountain) in Portugal, ‘Tataouine’ in Tunisia,  ‘Langt ut i Hutti Heiti’ in Norway, ‘En la Mitad de la Nada’ (In the middle of nowhere) in Spain, ‘Mitten im Urwald’ (In the middle of the forest) or ‘Mitten in der Wildnis’ (In the middle of the wilderness) and also 'Wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen' (Where the rabbit and the fox say good-night to each other ) in Germany, ‘Saint Loinloin’ in Québec and ‘Houte-Si-Plou’ (among others!) in Belgium, etc.

But Pétaouchnock is a real country, a homeland, and we have undertaken the huge task of presenting it to the world. Do believe us, Pétaouchnock is a REAL country! With its own  geography,  language,  history,  philosophy,  religion, culinary specialties, music, art, customs, dances, traditions, traditional costumes and even psychoanalysis… To travel to Pétaouchnock, you only need a visa that you can obtain by answering some surrealist questions (send an application through the "contact" page).

Some news of the project and from Pétaouchnock

Some news of the site project and from Pétaouchnock and its amazing dwellers.

We would like to introduce you to Pétra, very grand and famous writer of our country who has done with passion a lot of research about history of Petaouchnock and written a lot of novels taking place in Petaouchnock.

we would like to introduce you to Ouchnock, a famous artist known all over the world for her creativity and extensive œuvre.

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