Introducing Ouchnock

we would like to introduce you to Ouchnock, a famous artist known all over the world for her creativity and extensive œuvre.

Mme Ouchnock has exhibited all over the world.

In Pétaouchnock she has become something of a legend and more recently she has gained recognition as part of the Pétaouchnock team who are beginning to make a name for themselves in the business world.

Mme Ouchnock is descended from a long-line of venerable ancestors renknowed for their ability in a great many fields, indeed too numerous to mention. One of her most illustrious ancestors was The Duke of Marmar, affectionately known as Marmaduke, hailling from the northerly mountainous region which is famous for its mottled marble and said to be, "shrouded in mystery and poetry, whose eerie lakes hold many a dark secret".

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