Introducing Pétra

We would like to introduce you to Pétra, very grand and famous writer of our country who has done with passion a lot of research about history of Petaouchnock and written a lot of novels taking place in Petaouchnock.

    - From Here to the Moon
    - From the Moon to Pétaouchnock (a sequel to the first)
    - Cycling from Pétaouchnock to Outsiplou: The Best Pubs on the Road
    - A Year in Saint-Loin-Loin
    - How to Travel with a Heron
    - Recipes of Pétaouchnock: The Good Way to Cook a Welcome Fish
    - Etc., etc.

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But above all she comes from very ancient family of stone cutters and intellectuals who used to engrave their ideas in stones... Indeed you will be able to notice these stones everywhere in the country, a testimony of great minds devoted to the community.

Some stones are still in exhibition at the National Museum of Petaouchnock.

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