The Floating Mirror

by Aponia Seymour

You are in the section: Humour / Self-Reflection

What is in the eyes of others when they look at you? Would you like to see yourself from someone else’s perspective? Would you run away? Would you smile, would you cry?

One morning the life of the heroine Evarista changes dramatically when she realises that a mirror is following her everywhere… Not only must she accept to live with its but all of a sudden she sees a lot of things she hasn’t noticed before , throwing her into unexpected and sometimes ludicrous adventures.

Will Evarista find the clue to get rid of this burdensome presence and why has she been chosen to undergo such an ordeal? Should she speak about it to her psychoanalyst, to her doctor, to her confessor or to the police?

This book follows in the tradition of “Burlesque Literature” and is undoubtedly due to become a movie very soon.

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